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Ieiri Leo celebrates her birthday + holds a live event for her 1st album "LEO"

December 15, 2012 @ 3:41 am
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On December 14th, singer Ieiri Leo held a live event at Tower Records Shibuya to commemorate the release of her 1st album, "LEO".

Ieiri, who turned 18-years-old the day before, held an interview with reporters before the live. "It's like I've straightened my back and become an adult," she said and expressed her hopes saying, "I want to get my driver's license and go to lives in various places. I also want to go overseas and learn all kinds of things to make use in my song making."

'LEO' is Ieiri's first album which includes her debut song "Sabrina" as well as "Shine", which is the theme song for the drama 'Kaeru no Oujo-sama'. The event was held with 400 invited guests. Ieiri sang a total of 7 songs such as "Last Stage" and "Say Goodbye". She was also presented with a surprise birthday cake and blew out the 18 candles.

Ieiri reflected on her year since debuting in February, "In my life, this was the year that I was supported by the most people. It was also the year I said 'Thank you' the most." On her nomination for the Best New Artist for 'Kagayake! The 54th Japan Record Awards' (airs on the 30th), she commented, "It would be nice to win the Best New Artist award, but what I've been doing won't change, so I plan to continue to work on music with honest feelings."

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Source & Photos: Mantan Web


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