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Ikimonogakari holds a release event for their best-of ballad album

December 23, 2012 @ 2:56 pm
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On December 22nd, 3-member pop unit Ikimonogakari held a release event for their best-of ballad album, "Balladon", at Shinjuku Station Square.

Leader Yoshiki Mizuno introduced the album saying, "The album is easy to listen to, even for people listening to 'Ikimonogakari' for the first time." Vocalist Yoshioka Kiyoe also stated, "We made each and every song with thought. Please help yourself until you're full."

On this day, Mizuno and guitarist Yamashita Hotaka dressed as cooks and Yoshioka dressed as a hostess. Despite the rain, about 1,000 fans gathered at the event.

When asked about their cooking abilities, Mizuno responded, "I can't cook at all. Yoshioka can't either. For some project, she made nikujaga (simmered meat and potatoes), well, with a light taste..." Yamashita added, "There was no flavor." With a bitter smile, Yoshioka said, "I want to accept it sincerely."

Sources: TV Asahi and Billboard Japan


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