Manakana's Mikura Kana registers for marriage

December 29, 2012 @ 1:43 am
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On December 28, Mikura Kana (26) of the twin talent duo Manakana, announced on her personal blog that she has married a non-celebrity man.  The ceremony is planned for next year and she will continue working.

According to her, she has dated her husband since college and shared, “He is one year older and he currently works at an apparel company.”

She spoke fondly about her husband: “He is kind and thinks about his family; he is a very warm-hearted person,” and explained how she decided to marry him, stating, “In the 7-and-a-half years we spent together, I noticed how it's precious to spend the peaceful times with him, so we decided to get married.”  She also thanked her older [twin] sister Mana (26) as she commented, “I am truly thankful that Mana has always been by my side and protected me.”

Source and Image: Sponichi Annex via Yahoo! Japan


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