Sata Andagi to disband in February of next year

December 16, 2012 @ 4:26 pm
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Three-member unit Sata Andagi, which came out of Fuji TV's variety program "Quiz! Hexagon II", will be disbanding in February of next year.

The unit has set four goals for this year, which were (1) Having 10,000 people in attendance at their live concerts, (2) Having 30,000 people in attendance at their events, (3)Reaching 50,000 downloads in total, and (4) Reaching 100,000 copies in the total shipment number of their CDs. They have said that if they did not accomplish the goals, they would disband.

On December 15th, Sata Andagi held a live in Tokyo, and the results were announced afterwards. According to the announcement, they had accomplished (1) with 10,324 people, (2) with 35,545 people, (3) with 65,546 DL, however, they couldn't meet the (4) as the total shipment number was 82,173 copies.

Since the members were not informed about the results, they could not help being stunned. It was also announced that they would be releasing a best-of album on February 20th, and their last live would be held on the 24th.

Yamada Shintaro said, "Though our activities as Sata Andagi will be ending on February 24th of 2013, we will try our best pursuing a dream on each of our own paths, so please continue to support us."

Sata Andagi made their debut in February of 2010 under Shimada Shinsuke's production. It consists of Yamada, Mori Kohei, and Matsuoka Takuya.

Source & Image: Nikkan Sports


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