Shibasaki Kou, Maki Yoko, and Terajima Shinobu appear at press conference for their upcoming movie

February 6, 2013 @ 5:31 pm
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On February 5, actresses Shibasaki Kou (31), Maki Yoko (30), and Terajima Shinobu (40) appeared at a press conference in Tokyo for the film “Suu-chan Mai-chan Sawako-san” (directed by Minorikawa Osamu, opens March 2.)

The dramatic film focuses on the friendship and worries of three women who are different ages and come from different backgrounds.  When asked about her thoughts on fairytale “marriages,” Shibasaki revealed, “I do not believe there is a rule that says you must marry by a certain age and I do not want to make up such a rule for marriage.

She continued her personal stance on marriage by stating, “I do not think marriage is a start or a goal.  In my opinion, it's a way point in your life in the process of you and your partner developing a relationship based on mutual trust, you continue your marriage and journey.”

Source and Image: Sanspo


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