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AKB48 gives fans a lot of service

July 29, 2010 @ 12:33 am
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If youve ever fantasized about an AKB48 member, well you can stop now. You no longer have to use your imagination as the group has come out of their clothes, literally. Their Heavy Rotation PV is nothing short of fan service and fashion galore.

The group hailing from Akihabara sure lives up to its name as the girls come out in cute and sexy lingerie, kitten maid and band outfits. String it along with sweets and pillow fights and the kisses, I cant help but say that I really like this PV. Even though the song is just so-so, the visuals are such a great aspect. The backdrops are so cute to look at especially when they become colorful (at times).

What I really like is the lingerie they used. They need to sell some of that cute stuff over here.

Warning: fan boys, please try to refrain yourself while watching.

YT link since embed is disabled


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