Kato Natsuki & Sasaki Nozomi to become ambassadors of Akita

November 26, 2010 @ 9:33 pm
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Two beauties from the Akita prefecture, actress Kato Natsuki and model/actress Sasaki Nozomi have been chosen as the new PR-Ambassadors to create a better image of the prefecture.

Akita is currently trying to boost up its image with various campaigns and one of those is to make use of their local famous beauties such as Kato and Sasaki.

Kato was born in Yurihonjo in the south-west of Akita and had been living in Akita since junior high, when she got elected as the image girl of a game company and made her debut. Sasaki, on the other hand, was born in the capital Akita and got scouted by a magazine while she was working at a fashion store in front of Akita Station.

As of next spring, both of them are going to promote Akita in various TV shows, appear at local events and posters throughout the prefecture.

Source: Akita Keizai


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