Fukuyama Masaharu will reprise his role alongside Oda Yuji in "Andalucia"

April 23, 2011 @ 3:06 pm
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Previous announcements (here and here) regarding "Andalucia: Revenge of the Goddess", the second movie about diplomat Kuroda Kosaku, starring actor Oda Yuji, which follows "Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess", already revealed the appearances of two new faces, an Interpol agent portrayed by Ito Hideaki and an elite banker portrayed by Kuroki Meisa.

Today, we also got the confirmation that singer and actor Fukuyama Masaharu will once again reprise his role of Kuroda's only true friend, and freelance journalist, Saeki Shogo. Many people worried that he might not return, since he didn't get to appear in the drama "Diplomat Kuroda Kosaku" that aired earlier this year.

This time his role is said to hold an important key for Kuroda to solve the case about a murdered Japanese investor in Andorra and the darkness hidden behind this international crime.

Fukuyama said about the movie, "The script of 'Andalucia' was very entertaining, making me both puzzled and anticipating what is going to happen next. Starting with director Nishitani Hiroshi, with whom I already worked together for 'Suspect X', and the wonderful cast including Oda Yuji, Ito Hideaki, and Kuroki Meisa, you sure can look forward to a very exciting movie."

Oda and Fukuyama hadn't seen each other since the filming of the previous movie, "Amalfi". They are both from the same generation, and the distributor,Toho, revealed that the two immediately shook hands and had a lot of conversations as soon as the latter arrived at the set in Barcelona, Spain.

"Andalucia" is scheduled to open in cinemas on June 25th.

Source: Cinema Today


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