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Tokyo Tower has a new illuminated message, "GANBARO NIPPON"

April 11, 2011 @ 8:47 pm
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Its April 11th and that makes it exactly one month since the devastating Great Tohoku Earthquake. With this one month anniversary, Tokyo Tower now has a special message on its viewing platform; GANBARO NIPPON (Lets do our best, Japan).

There are 8,400 white LED lights that are charged through a solar power system that stores the light from the day. Tokyo Tower hasnt been fully lit up since the day after the earthquake in order to conserve electricity. However, rising from the darkness, the tower now has a message for Tohoku for their rebirth and reconstruction. It's the brightest thing in Tokyo as the city is doing its best to conserve electricity. Furthermore, Tokyo Tower itself was also damaged during the earthquake on March 11th; the top antenna became bent.

The project was created in hopes that the citizens affected by the earthquake and citizens of Tokyo would be given hope and energy in these dark times.

Tokyo Towers illumination was created by lighting designer, Ishii Motoko. The design will be displayed for six days from April 11th until the 16th, on the southeast side of the viewing platform from sunset until 10pm.

On the 11th, they also held the first charity live at Tokyo Tower and the Volunteer Center. Singers, Katou Tokiko, Yae and KAI came to perform. The charity lives will take place on the evening of every 11th for six months, ending in September.


Source: Oricon


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