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Hayami Mokomichi holds a fan event, "Precious Time 2011"

May 16, 2011 @ 6:07 am
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ActorHayami Mokomichi held a fan event "Precious Time 2011" at Jiji Tsushin Hall on May 15th, and he received an interview by the reporters before the event.

At the interview, Hayami revealed how he started to like cooking, "I had seen my brother cooking often since my parents were busy, and also, I thought that men who could cook might be popular with girls." He also said that he is recently into making sweets such as Mont Blanc, and he would like to treat it for his lover or friends someday.

Hayami is currently playing a role of Patissier in the ongoing drama "Rebound", and is making an appearance on his own cooking corner on morning show, "ZIP!" He will also release his second recipe book, "MOCOmeshi~Kimi wo Egao ni suru Ryori", on May 19th.

The book will contain about 54 recipes, all of which are Hayami'sfavorites. Since he stated that men who can cook are popular with girs, he was asked if there was any episode in which he could feel thepopularity. Hayami answered with a smile, "I have been called out a lot more than before. One time, I was caught by many aunties in Osaka. They screamed and touched many parts of my body."

"Precious Time" is the fan event which Hayami holds annually, and a total of 640 fans were in attendance. At the event, there was a talk show, a handshake segment, and there was also an "impromptu cookingrecipe" corner in which Hayami made cooking recipes by listening to the audience's requests.

Source & Photo: Oricon


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