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Tokyo Jihen to disband in the end of February

January 10, 2012 @ 7:02 pm
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Tokyo Jihen has announced that they will disband on February 29th (leap day). On January 11th, members, Shiina Ringo (Vo), Kameda Seiji (B), Hata Toshiki (Dr), Ukigumo (G), and Izawa Ichiyo (Key) posted comments on their official site.

Shiina wrote, "Iwouldlike to thank everybody who enjoyed this band. Though it was such a short period of time, thank you very much for everything until now. Jihen will disband on the upcoming leap day, however, our works will be forever immortal."

The band will hold their last tour "Tokyo Jihen live tour 2012 Domestique Bon Voyage" in February, and will put a halt to their 7 years and 9 months ofactivities.

Tokyo Jihen was formed centering Shiina Ringo in May 2004, and they have released 7 singles and 5 albums until now. They are also planning to release a mini album "color bars" on January 18th, live best album "Tokyo Collection" and live DVD/Blu-ray "Discovery" on February 15th.

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