Check out the first teaser for Abe Hiroshi's next movie "Karasu no Oyayubi"

April 27, 2012 @ 7:42 pm
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The official website for the upcoming live-action adaptation "Karasu no Oyayubi", starring Abe Hiroshi, was recently launched and today the website was updated with a first teaser.

"Karasu no Oyayubi" ("Crows' Thumb") is an adaptation of Michio Shusuke's award-winning novel about two middle-aged swindlers, three strangers, and a stray cat, who end up living together in one house. Together they work on one big coup that is supposed to leave all of their sorrows and dark pasts behind them. Ito Tadafumi worked as the director and the scriptwriter for this movie.

The two middle-aged men Takezawa (Abe) and Tetsu (Murakami Shoji) are making a living just by swindling other people. Tetsu started becoming a swindler after the deaths of both his wife and his daughter and eventually was asked by Takezawa, who bears a similar shadowy past, to form a team with him. One day, two beautiful sisters (Ishihara Satomi and Nounen Rena) who lost both of their parents, as well as the boyfriend of the older of the two (Koyanagi Yu) and a stray cat happen to crash at their place. Those five people, and the cat, end up living together and continue to become a strange pseudo family.

More details can be found in our previous article.

The teaser starts by introducing the term 'karasu' (crow), which is used to describe a professional swindler. It's already giving us a great taste of the charming swindler duo with of Abe's rather serious expressions and Murakami's comical acting. Aside from that, we also get a hint at the thrilling coup those five are trying to undertake.

"Karasu no Oyayubi" is scheduled to open in cinemas this fall.

You can check out the teaser below!




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