More cast members announced for upcoming movie "Aku no Kyoten"

May 11, 2012 @ 1:49 am
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As previously reported, Kishi Yusuke's novel "Aku no Kyoten" will be getting a live-action movie adaptation starring Ito Hideaki. Since the announcement, more cast members have been revealed.

"Aku no Kyoten" is a suspenseful novel that depicts cruel murder cases that happen at a school, committed by a high school teacher, Hasumi Seiji (played by Ito). It will be directed by Miike Takashi, and other added cast members includeYamada Takayuki, Nikaido Fumi, Sometani Shota, and Hayashi Kento.

Yamada will be playing "Shibahara Tetsuro", Hasumi's co-worker and a physical education teacher who sexually harasses his student. Yamada revealed the reason why he accepted the offer, saying, "I was attracted by the story and the role after reading the script, but I also wanted to be involved in Miike-san's work." "I would like to learn things I don't know yet from Miike-san, Ito-san, and other seniors, and regain my fresh sense from Kento, Fumi-chan, and others," he added.

Meanwhile, Nikaido, Sometani, and Hayashiwill all be playing students who are targeted by Hasumi. Nikaido's role is "Katagiri Reika", who has good intuition and suspects Hasumi, while Sometani plays "Hayami Keisuke", the mastermind of group cheating during exams who cares for Reika.Hayashi will play"Maejima Masahiko", a homosexual student who is in a close relationship with a teacher.

"Aku no Kyoten" will release on November 10th.

Source & Image: Oricon style + MANTAM WEB


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