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Akimoto Yasushi and 8 AKB48 members discuss '10 years later' on live radio broadcast

November 24, 2012 @ 10:20 am
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On November 23rd, AKB48 appeared on a special live broadcast program on the Mihama, Chiba bayfm station.

8 members of the group including Oshima Yuko (24), Shinoda Mariko (26), Takahashi Minami (21), and Kojima Haruna (24) appeared on the special program that is produced and broadcast once every fall. The program opened with a talk on "10 years later" between the groups executive producer Akimoto Yasushi (54) and the members.

Akimoto predicted that Shinoda and Kojima will remain in AKB, and that Oshima will become an actress. He also stated that, Takahashi will spend her working life with AKB by becoming AKBs general manager, and that she would gain recognition for her work just as former Yomiuri Giants player and managerNagashima Shigeo (76) has for his contributions to the team. Manager Takahashi responded with, I am Mr. Position!

Source and Image: Sanspo


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