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Nishiuchi Mariya announces 2nd season of 'Switch Girl!!' in new English promotional clip

November 18, 2012 @ 10:33 am
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Seventeen model-turned actress Nishiuchi Mariya has announced that she and the rest of the cast have begun making the second season of popular live-action drama Switch Girl!!.

In the clip she expresses her happiness to be on the set filming the drama. She also asserts that this season will be "even better" than the first.

Switch Girl!! is based on the popular manga of the same name by Aida Natsumi, a serial in the manga magazine Margarette, which has sold almost 6 million copies to date. The romantic comedy tells the story of Tamiya Nikam (Nishiuchi) and her life as a switch girl who oscillates between her perfect, charismatic, popular-with-the-boys public image and her jersey and glasses-wearing true identity. Her secret is leaked to the new student Kamiyama Arata (played by Kiriyama Ren), causing all sorts of funny antics to unfold.

Switch Girl!! Season 2 will start airing on December 7th on Fuji TV TWO (communications satellite) and Fuji TV on demand.

Watch the special English promotional clip below:

Thanks to yayami for the tip!


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