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DISH// to make their major debut + sing 'NARUTO' ending theme song

March 4, 2013 @ 9:00 am
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Four-member dance rock "air" band DISH//, considered little brother toMomoiro Clover Z, will be making their major debut in June from Sony Music Records. The announcement was made during the live event held at Divercity Tokyo on March 3rd.

DISH// consists of TAKUMI (Vo./Gt), MASAKI (Chorus/Gt), RYUJI (RAP/Ba), andTo-i (Frying Dish/RAP/DJ), andthey made their indie debut with "It's alright" back in June 2012. They are known for throwing paper plates during live performances.

Their major label debut single is called "I Can Hear" (to be released in June). It was also announced that "I Can Hear" will serve as the ending theme song for anime "NARUTO -Shippuden-" starting in April.

The members are able to play musical instruments, but currently, they are active as an "air" band just like Golden Bomber. TAKUMI mentioned about Golden Bomber saying, "The way they (=Golden Bomber) liven up the audience is an object of study for us." To-i also showed a sense of rivalry toward Momoclo, "They are our senior, but it doesn't mean we will stay below them forever. Someday, I would like to surpass them."

According to DISH//, their goal is to perform at Nippon Budokan. They are planning to play instruments there when they implement the goal.

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Below is the MV for their indie debut song "It's alright."

Source & Image: Sanspo

Thanks to ranbourella for the tip!


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