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MAN WITH A MISSION wins this year's grand prize in CD Shop Awards

March 8, 2013 @ 11:59 am
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On March 7th, an award ceremony for "the 5th CD Shop Awards" was held at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, and this year, the grand prize went to 5-member rock "wolf" band MAN WITH A MISSION's album "MASH UP THE WORLD" (released in July 2012).

The guitarist from the band, Jean-Ken Johnny commented, "I can't find any word other than 'thankful' since it's such an honor that we have been chosen among all different types and genres of works that are being released every day." When asked about their future goal, the members stated, "The Grammy Awards. The wolves want to walk the red carpet someday."

"The 5th CD Shop Awards" is an annual awards ceremony that chooses winners by votes from sales clerks of CD stores all across Japan, and this year's winners were chosen among original Japanese albums (except best albums) that were released during January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2012.

Starting this year, they started splitting the year into the first and second half and chose total 20 nominated works. The winners of the grand prize and the semi-grand prize were then chosen through thefinal selection votes.

The winner of the grand prize "MASH UP THE WORLD" is MAN WITH A MISSION's second full album that was ranked No.4 on Oricon's weekly ranking, and the semi-grand prize of this year went to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution."

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Other winners of "the 5th CD Shop Awards" are as follows.


<Grand Prize>
<Semi-grand Prize>
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution"
<WesternMusic Award>
MUSE "The 2nd Law"
<New Blood Award>
WHITE ASH "Quit or Quiet"
<Maestro Award>
Yazawa Eikichi "Last Song"
<Live Footage Award>
<Best-of Album Award>
Matsutoya Yumi "Nihon no Koi to Yuming to"
Yamashita Tatsuro "OPUS ~ALL TIME BEST 1975~2012"
<Special Award> *This year's theme = cover album
Shibata Jun "COVER 70's"
<Other Winning Works>
Creephyp "Shinu made Issho Aisareteru to Omotteta yo"
SEKAI NO OWARI "Entertainment"
Nanao Tabito "Little Melody"
back number "blues"
Yonezu Kenshi "diorama"
<Local Awards>
Hokkaido Block : Ao "Trigger of Life"
Kanto Block : a crowd of rebellion
Koshinetsu Block : Natsushi Satoshi "Catch Ball ~Songbook Of My Life"
Tokai Block : Misokkasu "Ijigen kara no Raihosha"
Kansai Block : tricot "Shogakusei to Uchuu"
Chugoku/Shikoku Block : Hime Kyun Fruits-Can "Renai Miracle!!"
Kyushu Block : LinQ "Love in Qushu ~LinQ Daiichigakusho~"


Source & Image: Oricon + CD Shop Kumiai


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