SKE48' Hata Sawako announces her graduation from the group

March 7, 2013 @ 3:28 pm
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SKE48 member Hata Sawako will graduate from the group in the end of March.

Hata announced this during the team KII stage performance held on March 7.

According to Hata, she's decided to graduate in order to pursue her long-time dream to be a voice actress, and starting in April, she will enter voice acting school.

She said to the audience while shedding tears, "When I was 21, I almost gave up on my dream to be a voice actress, but SKE48 was like a bridge that led me all the way to here today. Because of SKE48, I can continue pursuing my dream."

Hata has been active as a part of team KII since December of 2010, and she is also a member of "NO NAME" which consists of Seiyuu Senbatsu members for anime "AKB0048."

Source & Image: natalie

Thanks to Jurinaoshi & SKE for the tip.


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