Kitagawa Keiko to release her 1st original photo book

April 25, 2013 @ 5:32 am
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It was revealed that actress Kitagawa Keiko who will be celebrating her 10th anniversary since her debut, will release her first original photo book (currently untitled) on August 22nd, her 27th birthday.

For the location of the photoshoot, Kitagawa chose Paris, France, as she says she wanted to pick a memorable place that she's visited in her private time. "I hope to send out the best photos to everybody from Paris, the city of art and love," she said. She is still in Paris for the shooting, which is being held mainly at the sightseeing spots.

Looking back the past 10 years since her debut, Kitagawa said, "It feels like it's been a short time, but it could also be a long time...strange feeling. Every single action I took up until now, has made my current self."

She revealed that the photoshoot will also be held in Japan after Paris. "I want to make it the photo book that is full of my natural self which I don't show in dramas and movies. I'll try to make it as a book which can be enjoyable for many people regardless of age or sex," the actress said.

To commemorate the release of the photo book, she is also planning to hold an event.

Source & Image: Oricon


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