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Lead to release new single + hold release parties

April 14, 2013 @ 6:53 pm
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Lead became a 3-member group after the graduation of Nakadoi Hiroki on March 30th. They have announced that they will be releasing a new single titled "Upturn" on June 19th.

"Upturn" is named after Lead's nationwide tour that they hold every summer. It has the theme, "We have changed, but we are still the same".

The single will be released in 4 different types: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Limited Edition C, and Regular Edition. The Limited Edition A DVD will include the PV and off-shot for "Upturn". Meanwhile the Limited Edition B DVD will contain a solo interview with Nakadoi Hiroki as well as footage from their fan club event, 'Leaders Party 10!~Happiness??~'.

Additionally, Lead is scheduled to appear at the live event, 'Karada FES. 2013', which will be held on April 28th at Ebisu Garden Place. To coincide the single's release, they will also hold release parties nationwide starting June 18th.


<Lead Release?Party!>

Tuesday, June 18th - Kanto District
Wednesday, June 19th - Kanto District
Thursday, June 20th - Chuubu District
Friday, June 21st - Kyushu District
Saturday, June 22nd - Kinki District
Sunday, June 23rd - Kanto District


Source & Image: natalie


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