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Weather Girls release MV for their upcoming 3rd single

April 27, 2013 @ 4:51 am
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Taiwanese girlgroup Weather Girls' third single "Koi no Love?Sunshine" is set for release on June 5th, and recently, the details on the single as well as its music video have been revealed.

Check them out below.


<Limited Edition : CD+DVD>

1. Koi no Love?Sunshine
2.Tonight's Weather
3. Koi no Love?Sunshine(Instrumental)
4. Tonight's Weather (Instrumental)
"Koi no Love?Sunshine" MUSIC VIDEO, and more


<Regular Edition : CD only>

? Same as Limited Edition
? First pressed copies will include a trading card (1 out 8 kinds)


Source & Image: Weather Girls official site

Thanks to Katherine for the tip!


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