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COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS to release new album in July

May 16, 2013 @ 6:42 am
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The track list for COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERSs new album "MIRA", which will be released on July 3, has been revealed.

This will be their first album since theytransferredto the NIPPON COLUMBIA record label. All 12 songs in the album were recorded in New York, and the group released a sample digest of their songs on YouTube. In the video, there are scenes of them in the studio performing live as well as scenes of them in New York, which gives an idea of the albums concept.

Check out the track list and trailer for "MIRA" below:

01. Cold Audiences
02. 21 years old
03. Please, Please, Please
04. No One Knows
05. Meatpacking
06. Steal her lips
07. Alone in the dark
08. Tornado
09. sciolism
10. Just leave me be
11. Cherry blossoms
12. El Dorado

Source and Image: Natalie


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