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Takahashi Minami holds a solo live concert for 4000 fans

May 6, 2013 @ 7:31 pm
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On May 6, AKB48's Takahashi Minami held her solo live concert at Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai-Hall in front of an excited audience of 4,000.

This special live was held for those who purchased Takahashi's solo debut single "Jane Doe" (released on April 3), and the 4,000 fans were chosen among the 50,000 applicants.

This also marked her first solo hall live. Usually, she shows her overwhelming leadership when she is in the group as the general director of the whole AKB group, but today she seemed quite nervous.

After she performed two songs, she said, "I feel like crying already. I'm really happy to be able to hold my first solo concert at such a wonderful place like this", and continued, "I feel nervous-! When I'm nervous my fingers start going numb."

She then performed, Maeda Atsuko's cover song "Migikata", and large tears rolled down her cheeks.

Takahashi, who has had a dream to become a solo singer since she was little, told the audience, "I'm glad to see little kids here. The first concert I visited when I was little, was at the Budokan, and it gave me a dream. I will be happy if I could do so for the kids here today."

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Below is the setlist from the concert.


01. "Jane Doe" - Solo 1st single
02. "Bird" - from AKB48 Team A 3rd Stage "Dareka no Tame ni"
03. "Migikata" - from Maeda Atsuko's 2nd single "Kimi wa Boku da"
?Costume change
04. "Oteage Lullaby" - Solo song from AKB48 Team Surprise
05. "Buenos Aires ni Ame ga Furu" - from "Jane Doe" theater edition
06."Itoshisa no Accel" - from AKB48 Team A 6th Stage "Mokugekisha"
?Costume change
07. "Yumemiru Shoujo ja Irarenai" - Aikawa Nanase's debut song from 1995
08. "DESIRE -Jonetsu-" - Nakamori Akina's song from 1986
09. "Rikoteki na Renai" - from "Jane Doe" Type-B
10. "Yabureta Hane" - "Jane Doe" coupling track
?Costume change
01. "Sabita Rock" - from "Jane Done" Type-A
02. "Jane Doe"


Source & Image: Oricon


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