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Winners of 'the 21st Hashida Awards' attend awards ceremony

May 11, 2013 @ 5:23 am
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On May 10th, the awardsceremony for 'the 21st Hashida Awards' was held, which the winners attended.

The Hashida awards was established by the HashidaCultural Foundation, for which scriptwriterHashida Sugako serves as the chief director, and was established to recognize the television programs and people that contribute to the broadcast culture.

One of the winners was TBS' special drama "Kaneko Misuzu Monogatari -Minna Chigatte Minna Ii-" which starred Ueto Aya, who made an appearance at the ceremony as the representative of the drama, dressed in a Kimono.

Ueto, who won the rookie award back in 2003, commented, "It's been ten years since I stood on this stage. This time, it's an award for the work, so I first want to thank to the staff members and cast members." She also looked back on the filming, and said with a smile, "Every single day was so much fun. I only have good memories, like eating 'Anman' (=steamed buns with sweet red bean) everyday."

Actress Yonekura Ryoko was also a winner, and this marked the second time for her to win this award as she won it back in 2006. This year, Yonekura's starring drama "Doctor X ~Gekai?Daimon Michiko" was highly rated, as the drama's scriptwriter Nakazono Miho, and Yonekura's co-star, Kobayashi Nenji also received the Hashida award.

This year's rookie award went to actress Ono Machiko and actor Matsuzaka Tori, but Matsuzaka was unable to attend the ceremony because of her stage play in Osaka.

There was no winner for the grand prize this year.

The full list of winners of the 21st Hashida Awards is below.


Grand Prize
- Not applicable
Hashida Award
- "Kaneko Misuzu Monogatari -Minna Chigatte Minna Ii-" (TBS)
- NNN Document "Tamashii ga Nemutteiru Nokosareta Akagami" (NTV)
- Nakazono Miho (scriptwriter) : "Doctor X ~Gekai?Daimon Michiko" (TV Asahi), "Hatsukoi" (NHK)
- Ozaki Masaya (scriptwriter) : "Ume-chan Sensei" (NHK)
- Kobayashi Nenji : "Zeimu Chousakan?Madogiwa Taro no Jikenbo Series" (TBS), "Hanayome" (TBS), "Doctor X ~Gekai?Daimon Michiko" (TV Asahi)
- Yonekura Ryoko : "Doctor X ~Gekai?Daimon Michiko" (TV Asahi), "Atsui Kuuki" (TV Asahi)
Rookie Award
- Ono Machiko : "Carnation" (NHK)
- Matsuzaka Tori : "Ume-chan Sensei" (NHK)
Special Award
- Kitaouji Kinya
Rookie screenplay Award
- Takahashi Miho : "Kuma-san to Nebezuru"
- Tsuchiya Yuko : "Yujo to Rakujo"

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Source & Image: Cinematoday + Oricon

Thanks to churi for the tip!


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