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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS to sing for Kawashima Umika's new SEABREEZE CM

April 15, 2011 @ 2:58 pm
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It was recently announced that popular unit FUNKY MONKEY BABYS new song,"Love Letter", will be the theme song for actress Kawashima Umika's new "SEABREEZE" (Shiseido) commercial. Their refreshing song sets the scene for the commercial, which will pull your heartstrings with its depiction of bittersweet young love.

The song is included on their next single, "Soredemo Shinjiteru"/"Love Letter", as a double A side, and is a reggae-style honest love song. Member Funky Kato commented proudly, "It's as refreshing as your first love, and it's a love song that's just a bit painful. It would make me happy if people listen to it while thinking of all of their own memories."

The other track, "Soredemo Shinjiteru", is the theme song for actress Takei Emi's new drama,"Asuko March". With this youthful school drama and the new commercial beginning to air on April 15th, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS are cheerfully stirring things up.

Source: Oricon


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