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Who is Gackt's favorite AKB48 member?

August 8, 2011 @ 7:02 pm
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Gackt was on Twitter earlier and answered a few questions from his fans. One of the questions receiving interest was, Gackt, who is your favorite member in AKB48?

It's an interesting question, since AKB48 is currently the top girl group in Japan. Gackt replied back that Akimoto was his favorite. People were pretty amused with his answer, until they realized Gackt was being his usual self and possibly pranking them all! He never answered the first name, even after fans asked, so now they're now stuck wondering if he meant Team K captain Akimoto Sayaka, or AKB48s creator Akimoto Yasushi.

What do you think? Was Gackt being honest and just answering that his favorite member was Akimoto Sayaka, or was he being a joker and saying his favorite member was Akimoto Yasushi?

Source: Gackt's Official Twitter

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