Ninomiya Kazunari chosen as new CM character for "Pocky"

September 20, 2011 @ 2:18 am
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Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari has been chosen as the new image character for the chocolate snack, "Pocky", and will be appearing in their CM starting September 20th. In the CM, Ninomiya dances to hip-hop artist MC Hammer's signature song, "U Can't Touch This".

The CM comes in two versions: 'Drink & Po' episode, and 'ALL' episode. In the 'Drink & Po' episode, Ninomiya appears in black from head-to-toe, along with five backup dancers. He holds one pocky in each hand, and dances while bending his knees. Then, he holds a glass cup and pocky, and uses the pocky as a stir stick as a result of mishearing the lyrics, "Can't touch this", as "Chanto aundesu (It matches perfectly)".

Meanwhile, in the 'All' episode, the backup dancers wear 12 different outfits that match each situation, such as 'New Years', 'karaoke', 'shaved ice', and 'beach'. Then, Ninomiya shows that pocky is a great match for various situations.

Check out a short 'Drink & Po' version of the CM below!

Source: Mantan Web


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