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SDN48 announces the release of their last single & album in March

January 31, 2012 @ 2:52 am
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SDN48 has just announced that that their last single will betitled, "Makeoshimi Congratulations," and will be released on March 7th. Although this is their last single, SDN48 is also releasing their first album one week later on March 14th.

As reported back in October 2011, all of the members of SDN48 will graduate on March 31st with the group's last concert at NHK Hall. "Makeoshimi Congratulations" is described as a song that is similiar to connecting to an ex-lover, in the sense that, no matter how frustrated one is they still want the other to be happy. Reports explain that "Makeoshimi Congratulations" will be a very "idol-ish" song.

Furthermore, the girls will be taking on a new image for this song: instead of their typical, sexy outfits, the members will be dressed in school uniforms: an appropriate change since the girls are graduating.

Twelve members were selected for "Makeoshimi Congratulations": Serina, Sato Yukari, Kohara Haruka, Oohori Megumi, Urano Kazumi, Noro Kayo, Umeda Haruka, Kato Mami, Akita Kazue, Kouchi Masami, Kimoto Yuki, and Fujikoso Yumi.

Though no further details about the upcoming album have been released, this release is anticipated to be like SDN48's best-of album.

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