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Nogizaka46 members hold handshake and talk event for 1300 people

May 6, 2012 @ 9:50 pm
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On May 5, members Ikuta Erika (15), Saito Chiharu (15), Hatanaka Seira (16), and Saito Yuuri (18) of Nogizaka46, AKB48s publicly declared rival, appeared at a commemorative handshake event for their second single Oide Shampoo in Osaka.

Ikuta, who had arrived in Osaka the night before, stated, I ate okonomiyaki until my stomach was bursting. Saito stated, The minced-meat cucumbers I ate there? It is seasoned the best! Hatanaka comically retorted, That is an Osaka specialty!?

The event drew around 1,300 attendees, proving the group's popularity in the area.

Source and Image: Sanspo


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