Sato Takeru & Ayase Haruka to star in a new movie as lovers

July 19, 2012 @ 3:14 pm
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It's been announced that Sato Takeru and Ayase Haruka will be starring in the new movie "Real Kanzen naru Kubinagaryu no Hi" which will be directed by Kurosawa Kiyoshi. Though Sato and Ayase have co-stared with each other in CM, this will betheirfirst time co-starring in a movie.

The movie is based on Inui Rokuro's award winning novel "Kanzen naru Kubinagaryu no Hi", and it's a love story between 'Koichi' (Sato) and 'Atsumi' (Ayase) who are childhood friends, and eventually become lovers. Atsumi is under comatose state after a suicide attempt, and Koichi tries to wake her up by using "sensing" which is a new technique in neurosurgery to communicate and enter the mind of a person who is in a coma. While peering through Atsumi's subconscious, she asks Koichi to look for a picture that she drew a long time ago.

Regarding the script, both protagonists commented, "I trembled because it's just too exciting. I could not take my eyes off until the very end of the story." (Sato) "I was really excited as it made me 'Hya~!'" (Ayase) They also made comments about their impressions towards each other. Sato said about Ayase, "I discover something new about her every day which surprises me.", and Ayase said, "He is a very reliable person. Even though I'm older than him, I feel like calling him as 'Senpai' (=senior)."

Along with Sato and Ayase, Nakatani Miki, Odagiri Joe, Sometani Shota, Horibe Keisuke, Matsushige Yutaka, and Koizumi Kyoko will be a part of the movie. Reportedly, they are considering exhibiting the film at the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

"Real Kanzen naru Kubinagaryu no Hi" is scheduled for release in early summer of 2013.

Source & Image: eiga.com


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