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"55th Blue Ribbon Awards" holds its ceremony

February 16, 2013 @ 2:48 am
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On February 14th, an award ceremony for "The 55th Blue Ribbon Awards" was held at Iino Hall.

Customarily, the winners of Best Actor and Best Actress from the last year, participated as the emcees for the event, and therefore, Takenouchi Yutaka and Nagasaku Hiromi took the roles of emcees this year.

For both Takenouchi and Nagasaku, it was their very first time to serve as an emcee. Takenouchi, who made a mistake in timing while saying the beginning lines, said, "I bungled right from the start." However, after he managed to accomplish carrying out his role while struggling, he said, "Even though I'm no good at serving as a host, I would like to stand right here again someday." Nagasaku also said, "I am glad to be able to be the host for the Blue Ribbon Awards. I wanted to take this role to pass thebaton. Many things happened, but I enjoyed it very much."

The winners of the "Blue RibbonAwards" are chosen by The Association of Tokyo Film Journalists, which consists of those who are in charge of the film portion of 7 Tokyo-based sports newspapers. As for the actual ceremony, winners of the awards includingAbe Hiroshi, Ando Sakura, Iura Arata, and Hirosue Ryoko made appearances.

Abe who received the Best Actor award for his performance in "ThermaeRomae", commented, "I am honored to receive this award. At first I was not sure if I could play that role in 'Thermae Romae', but I was able to do it without any uncomfortable feeling." When Nagasaku asked him about the role as the ancient Roman, Abe answered, "I was happy to be born with a face with strong features. Takenouchi-san, your face also has quite....(strong features). Would you like to appear in a sequel?" bringing a bittersweet smile from Takenouchi.

The list of winners can be checked below.


Best Film - Kazoku no Kuni (directed by Yang Yong-hi)
Best Actor - Abe Hiroshi ("Thermae Romae")
Best Actress - Ando Sakura ("Kazoku no Kuni")
Best Supporting Actor - Iura Arata ("Kazoku no Kuni")
Best Supporting Actress - Hirosue Ryoko ("Kagi Dorobou no Method")
Best New Artist - Makita Sports ("Kueki Ressha")
Best Director - Uchida Kenji ("Kagi Dorobou no Method")
Best Foreign Film - Les Misrables
Special Award - Iwamatsu Koji


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Source & Image: MANTAN WEB + [email protected] Hochi


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