Takanashi Rin to play a 'yankee' dance teacher in new drama

February 24, 2013 @ 2:34 am
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On February 24th, it was announced that actress Takanashi Rin is going to star in an upcoming TBS late-night drama titled 'Houkago Groove'.

Takanashi is known for her good looks and her vibrant on screen performances. She already gained global recognition as the heroine in Abbas Kiarostami's Japanese-language film 'Like Someone in Love' which screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. It's her first time to star in a TV drama.

'Arakawa Under the Bridge' director Iizuka Ken is set to direct the drama which was born from the fact that since April 2012, "dance" has become a part of the junior high school curriculum in Japan.

Takanashi is playing a physical education teacher with no dancing skills. Moreover, she used to be a delinquent ('yankee') during her student days and left school during senior high school, but thanks to her persistence and fighting spirit she somehow managed to become a teacher. She believes that you should always see something through once you got a taste of it.

Takanashi commented about her role, "When I heard about the story, I immediately wanted to get this role. A sports-minded former delinquent is a fresh character and a nice challenge. I'm already all excited about this."

Director Iizuka is bound to give this drama a peculiar charm similar to his previous works and Takanashi is looking forward to work with him. She said, "I'll work hard so that the viewers can enjoy all those surreal interactions between the characters."

TBS is going to air 'Houkago Groove' every Monday shortly after midnight starting on April 22nd.

Source: Sports Hochi


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