Fuji TV to start a new program to find new artists from Asia + GACKT to be one of the judges

April 9, 2013 @ 4:38 am
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Starting on April 19th, Fuji TV will begin airing a new late night program "ASIA VERSUS".

The program aims to find talented rookie artists from Asia through video sites such as YouTube.

Every week, two finalists will be chosen among eight artists who pass the primary examination, and they will perform at the studio. Then one will be picked as the weekly champion, and the program will produce the songs for the winner.

The MC of the program will be music producer Jeff Miyahara who has worked with artists like Amuro Namie, Nishino Kana, JUJU, and Kato Miliyah. He saidenthusiastically, "I want to show the world how amazing Asian music is."

The program will also be aired in Taiwan (FTV), Korea (KMTV), and Indonesia (MNC Music), and thepanel of judges will include one person from each country. The judge from Japan will be none other thanGACKT. He commented, "It's a goodopportunityto meet a new talent in Asia, and I am enjoying it. If I find a good one, I may help produce the contestant...."

"ASIA VERSUS" will be aired on Fuji TV every Friday at 2:05 am.

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Source & Image: MANTAN WEB + natalie


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