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Itano Tomomi announces her 4th solo single "1%"

April 19, 2013 @ 9:30 pm
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It was revealed that Itano Tomomi will be releasing her 4th solo single titled "1%" on June 12. This will mark her first single in a year and two months since her previous single "10-nen go no Kimi e."

Her new song is said to be a dance number just like her solo debut single "Dear J" (released in January 2011), and it depicts a feeling of love that you go for with only having 1% of success.

The dance scene for the music video was filmed against the night backdrop of the skyscrapers in New York, with male dancers. Itano left a comment, "I was able to film in New York where I always adored. I had meetings for the costume and PV one after another, so I'm sure it became a great one. Please look forward to it!"

During her stay in New York, she also attended the shooting for a new "Samantha Vega" CM which she co-starred with Taylor Momsen. The new CM will begin airing in the end of May.

Source & Image: Oricon


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