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Sakamoto Miu to release her first best-of album

April 11, 2013 @ 4:56 am
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It's been revealed that Sakamoto Miu will be releasing a best-of album titled "miusic ~The best of 1996-2012~" on June 26th.

"miusic ~The best of 1996-2012~" is the first best-of album in Sakamoto's 16 years of her career, and it will be released in 2 discs. DISC 1 will contain songs such as her debut track, "The Other Side of Love", "Tetsudouin" which was the theme song for 'Tetsudouin (Poppoya)', and a new version of "THE NEVER ENDING STORY".

Meanwhile, the track list for DISC 2 will mainly center around 2010's album "PHANTOM girl" and 2011's "HATSUKOI". It will also come with a new version of "The Other Side of Love" and a cover of Komoro Tetsuya's "Eien to Nazukete Day Dream".

The jacket cover and artwork will be done by Morimoto Chie, who has worked with Sakamoto in the past.

Check out the track list below!


<miusic ~The best of 1996-2012~>

01. The Other Side of Love (Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Sister M)
02. Tetsudouin
03. The letter after the wound
04. in aquascape
05. 15-fun
06. sleep away
08. Kare to Kanojo no Sonnet
09. Opus & Mayverse
10. Swan Dive
11. Akari no Kehai
12. Odayaka na Kurashi

01. Phantom Girl's First Love
02. Far Across The Sky
03. Our Home
04. Ring of tales (Lily Star Fiddle Remix)
05. Precious
06. True Voice
07. Everything is new
08. Anata to Watashi no Aida ni Aru Mono no Subete Ai to Yobu
09. I'm yours
10. Ame to Yasashii Ya
11. The Other Side of Love (New Version)
12. Eien to Nazukete Day Dream


Source & Image: natalie


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