SPEED's HITOE announces her marriage

April 9, 2013 @ 4:11 am
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Four-member group SPEED's HITOE (Arakaki Hitoe) announced on her blog, "On April 8th, I registered my marriage with a person I met in New York, and dated for 13 years!"

Though she did not reveal any details on her husband, she introduced him saying, "He always cheers for me, and supports me with his big and faithful heart. Moreover, he accepts me just the way I am. It is difficult to express with words, but he is like acomfortablesofa for me."

She also wrote, "Even after marriage, I would like to continue trying my best positively, while keep a balance between work and family, and making myself more powerful. I hope both of us could enjoy our lives while supporting, motivating and respecting each other. Please continue to support me."

After HITOE's announcement, fellow members, Shimabukuro Hiroko and Uehara Takako gave their blessing to her via Twitter.


Source & Image: Joshi+ + natalie


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