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DREAMS COME TRUE to release a new single in July

May 3, 2013 @ 7:28 pm
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It's been revealed that DREAMS COME TRUE will be releasing their first single in a year and 2 months (currently untitled) on July 10.

The title track will serve as the theme song for the 5th season of Fuji TV's 'Kyumei Byoto 24-ji' which will air starting in July. It will also include "MADE OF GOLD -featuring DABADA-", which is being used in the CM for 'Nes Cafe Gold Blend'. While this song was released digitally back in July, fans had been anticipating its CD release.

The limited edition will come with a DVD containing the video clips for the two songs. It will also come with the live audio for "A theme of the WONDERLAND ~Anata ni Aitakute" and "LOVE LOVE LOVE ~Kumikyoku 'Mirai Yosouzu'" from their orchestra concert, 'SYMPHONIC GOLDBLEND ~Songs for DREAMS COME TRUE~', as the bonus tracks.

Source & Image: natalie


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