Superfly's new song 'Beautiful' to be used in Kimura Fumino's new drama

April 4, 2015 @ 2:13 pm
by ustar
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Superfly's new song "Beautiful" has been chosen as the theme song for TBS' new drama 'Mother Game ~Kanojotachi no Kaikyuu~' premiering on April 14.

'Mother Game ~Kanojotachi no Kaikyuu~' is a human drama that revolves around a single mother who meets a group of "celebrity" (wealthy socialite) mothers afterentering her son in a prestigious kindergarten. Actress Kimura Fumino will take on her first lead role in the drama as the single mother. The "celebrity" mothers will be played by Hasegawa Kyoko, Kanjiya Shihori, Adachi Yumi, and Dan Rei.

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The drama's theme song "Beautiful" will be included in Superfly's new album "WHITE" which will drop on May 27. Regarding the song, Superfly commented, "I wrote this song hoping that peoplewill take care ofthemselves, and also take care of the ones around them even more than they do now."

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