Hilcrhyme and HY's Nakasone Izumi collaborate for drama theme song

June 27, 2019 @ 3:08 am
by ustar
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Hilcrhyme will be providing the theme song "Jijitsu Ai feat. Nakasone Izumi (HY)" for NTV's upcoming drama series 'Watashi Danna wo Share Shiteta' premiering on July 4.

'Watashi Danna wo Share Shiteta' is a mystery drama starring Koike Eiko, Ryo, and Okamoto Rei. It tells the story of three single mothers who were in a "common law marriage" with the same man. After they learn of his death, they are involved in mysteries that revolve around their "husband" as well as a quarrel over his inheritance.

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The theme song "Jijitsu Ai feat. Nakasone Izumi (HY)" was written from a woman's perspective featuring HY's Nakasone Izumi as the guest vocalist. On the collaboration, Hilcrhyme'sTOC commented, "Nakasone-san made this song even more persuasive. I feel very happy that we were able to create this song together." Meanwhile, Nakasone said, "It was our first time singing together, but I was surprised at how TOC-san's voice and mine fit really well."

Hilcrhyme will release "Jijitsu Ai feat. Nakasone Izumi (HY)" as a single on August 28. To commemorate this release, they will hold a live in Osaka and Niigata in September.

Source & Image: natalie


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