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Mizushima Hiro starts cooking program on YouTube

October 9, 2019 @ 3:15 am
by ustar
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Mizushima Hiro has started a cooking program on YouTube.

On his blog, he wrote, "I started a program," informing his fans that he started a cooking program called 'Hiro-Meshi Japanese Home-style Cooking.' Though the program, you can watch Mizushima, who claims to be a total beginner at cooking, carefully prepare Japanese food.

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On the reason for starting a cooking program, Mizushima explained, "I wasn't getting any better, but every time I would cook, I wanted to properly learn about cooking... I am gaining another family member soon, so it's always been on my mind that it would be better if I could cook more."

He revealed that one of his friends from overseas asked him to teach them Japanese homestyle cooking. "If I'm going to learn anyway, I thought I'd make something for people who wanted to start cooking or for people overseas who are interested in Japanese homestyle cooking," he said.

As pilot episodes, he has uploaded episodes #0.1 and #0.2. If it seems to become a hit, he plans to create a series.

Source & Image: Model Press


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