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Female metal band, ALDIOUS, release new PV

October 15, 2010 @ 11:38 am
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If metal is making a comeback, its coming in the form of females in lingerie and prom dresses. All-female metal band, ALDIOUS, has just released the full PV to Luft", a single off their newest album, Deep Exceed, which went on sale October 13th.

Imagine pop singers, models, or even gyarus performing heavy metal. What do you get? You get ALDIOUS, a five female band that started in June 2008 in Osaka with Rami (vocals) and Yoshi (guitar). They took part in a compilation album called Red Hot Burning Hell Vol. 16, and in January 2009 were joined by Toki (guitar), after which they began recording for the first time as Aldious. That same year, they released a four track EP called Dear Slave in November. That self-released EP became a hit, as it sold out in many metal record shops.

In January of this year, they added drummer Aruto to the band, and then Sawa (bass) in March.

The band has their own label, called Bright Star Records. They just released their debut single, Defended Desire, on July 7th, and ranked 49th on Oricons weekly chart, and 24th on Oricons daily ranking. The single ranked fourth on Oricons indies chart.

Keep a look out for these ladies because metal just got sexy.


Rami (vocal)

Yoshi (guitar)

Toki (guitar)

Sawa (bass)

Aruto (drums)

"Luft" PV

Source/Photo: Official Myspace
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