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Hibiki Music Festival brings genres together

October 15, 2010 @ 5:46 pm
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On October 31st, a special outdoor music festival called the "Hibiki Music Festival" is scheduled to be held at Odaiba's seaside court. This festival will offer a unique blend of musical genres aimed at a younger audience.

The idea of the event is "wanting to feel high quality dance music for a young generation." For the event there are no age restrictions so that even students can intend. In fact, the ticket prices are cheapest for people under 18. This should encourage a younger audience to attend and gain some insight into the different genres at the festival.

Hibiki Music Festival will have a unique set up of three different stages; Mau House/Dance stage, Kanaderu Hip-hop/R&B stage, and Asobu Electro stage. Guest have already been announced for the housea nd hip-hop stages. Fans of dance music will get to see several great DJs such as Shinichi Osawa, the Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Yasutaka Nakata (capsule). The hip-hop stage will feature an extrodinary line up of ZEEBRA, Full of Harmony, Sowelu, EMI MARIA, Miss Monday, CHiE (Foxxi misQ), DJ KOMORI, DJ MAYUMI, and more.

Tickets are extremely well priced, especially for the younger crowd. Under 18 attendees will be able to get into the festival for 2000 yen ($25 USD), under 22 for 2500 yen ($30 USD), and 23 and older for 3000 yen ($35 USD) if purchased in advanced.



October 31st - Tokyo - Odaiba Seaside Court

OPEN 11:00 / CLOSE 19:00


Shinichi Osawa?Tanaka Tomoyuki?FPM??Nakata Yasutaka?capsule??AMIGA?DJ YUMMY?DJ SACRA

? KANADERU?HIP HOIP / R&B?Performers:

LIVE?Zeebra?Full Of Harmony?Sowelu?EMI MARIA?Miss Monday?CHiE?Yamaguchi Risa?CIMBA?LUNA?LEO?TEE?Hi Britz?ICE DYNASTY????Ohga??Ishikawa Mary


Dancer?SHOGUN?and more

? ASOBU?ELECTRO etc?Performers:

Omoshiroi Sangokushi?Student DJ's

source & photos : natalie / official hibiki fest


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