Kuraki Mai sings national anthem at soccer charity match

March 30, 2011 @ 5:03 pm
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On March 29th, a soccer charity match, called "The Tohoku Earthquake recovery support charity match Ganbarou Nippon!", was held at Nagai Stadium, Osaka, and singer Kuraki Mai showed up to sing the national anthem.

Kuraki sang "Kimigayo" in a capella and received great applause from the audience. Kuraki commented after the performance, "I was very touched to see the players who are active not only in Japan, but also overseas, get together for this charity match, and that they all sent encouragement as one. I'm also truly honored to be able to participate in this match as a singer. I believe that the warm hearts from everybody who were involved in this charity match reached to people at the devastated areas, as well as the whole nation. I also believe that things which are difficult to be done by individuals can be turned into a bigger beam of hope with everybody's support."

Kuraki also revealed that she is currently working on making a charity song.

According to theJapan Football Association, Kuraki approved of the intention of this charity match, and she proposed to voluntary participate in it.

Source: Cinema Today

Photo: Sanspo


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