Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Kusumi Koharu

April 3, 2011 @ 9:00 am
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The weekly women's magazine Josei Jishin recently interviewed several members of Hello! Project's Dream Morning Musume.

This time, we bring you a partial translation of the interview with Kusumi Koharu, who was a 7th generation member of Morning Musume :

Q: How do you feel being selected as a member of Dream Morning Musume?
The graduating members wanted to get together and sing and dance, and as a former member of Morning Musume, I thought "I've got to do this". At first I was pretty surprised... But I think it's a way of meeting the fans' expectations.

Q: How was it dancing with the group?
There's only 2 members who were in Morning Musume at the same time as I was. All the other members were people I watched on television. Although I was part of Morning Musume, now I feel as though I'm a part of the Morning Musume I saw on TV.

Q: How does it feel to be in a group with people you saw on TV?
I'm happy. I've had the opportunity to work with the individual senpais several times, but when everyone is together, there's an amazing aura, an I'm very happy that I can participate in that.

Q: Is there a difference between the Morning Musume you were part of and the current Dream Morning Musume?
It's completely different. Of course, the members are different, but when I was in Morning Musume, our dances where very intense and we had to constantly try to keep our rhythms in sync. Dream Morning Musume's members have their own activities and their own personalities, so in a good way, I thought it was a "free" Morning Musume.

Q: In Dream Morning Musume, what would be your strong point?
I'm the youngest. Dream Morning Musume's average age is 27, and I think I'm responsible for lowering it quite a bit. So I guess, my youth.

Q: What was the most fun you had when you were in Morning Musume?
It was a lot of fun to meet fans. Also, being able to do different types of work. There was a lot of work that I could only do because of Morning Musume, and I think I've been able to experience a lot.

Q: In contrast, what were some difficulties?
There were a lot, but I entered as a middle school student, so it was difficult not being able to go to school. I was still a child, so it was impossible for me to meet the mental maturity of the adults around me... I couldn't judge things by myself, and I tried to do things as I was told, but I think I didn't understand a lot of standards.

Q: Looking back now, do you wish you had more time?
No. I think it was inevitable at that time, and there's aspects of myself that only exist because of that time.

Q: How was it recording a new song as Dream Morning Musume?
It was a weird feeling, but I'm simply happy.

Q: Do you want to take the center position in Dream Morning Musume.
Not at all ... I'm too busy trying to catch up. I am good friends with Abe-san (Abe Natsumi), so I'll be happy if I can follow behind her. Kind of like goldfish poo.

Q: Did you feel a difference in the choreography of "LOVE Machine" with the original members, compared to your Morning Musume days?
It was completely different. The only part that was in sync was the "wow wow". The "LOVE Machine" we used to do had everyone doing the same choreography, but (here) people have different movements in the chorus. I was really surprised that this was the real choreography.

Q: What is your goal as Dream Morning Musume?
Everyone is unique. I want people to see each of our unique talents. So you can like Dream Morning Musume as a whole, and as separate members.

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