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Ebihara Yuri attends "Samantha Thavasa" opening ceremony at Isetan Shanghai

April 8, 2011 @ 11:46 am
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On April 7th, popular model Ebihara Yuri attended the opening ceremony of the new Samantha Thavasa boutiques at Isetan Shanghai.

Fellow guests included model Yamamoto Mitsuki, Nicky Hilton, and popular Chinese model AYUKI, among others. Ebihara greeted everyone, stated her name in Chinese, and continued in Japanese, "I am really happy about the opening of the Shanghai store. There are a bunch of items girls would be delighted [to have], so I hope everyone in Shanghai enjoys girly fashion with Samantha Thavasa".

Ebihara, who arrived in Shanghai a few days ago, smiled sweetly and said,"I want go to shopping. I want to find clothes and cute things unique to Shanghai and bring them back for everyone". When asked about RIP SLYME's ILMARI, whom she married last May, the model replied,"I want to buy souvenirs if I have time. Something that we can put on together. I mean, Samantha Thavasa carries items for men as well".

The 7th marked the opening of both the Samantha Thavasa Shanghai Isetan store and Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice Shanghai Isetan store in the Shanghai Meilongzhen Isetan Department Store located on Nanjing West Road. Both stores have a floor area of about 100 square meters each, and it was packed with numerous female patrons attracted by the colorful bags, wallets, accessories, and other goods on display, as well as Ebihara's guest appearance.

Samantha Thavasa Japan Limited fully owns and operates Samantha Thavasa as a fashion brand, and has opened stores in New York, Singapore and Taiwan since November 2006. The store mentioned in this article is the brand's third store in China and the first in Shanghai.

Source: MANTAN Web


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