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Fujimoto Miki + Ishikawa Rika hang out for the first time in private

June 12, 2011 @ 6:29 am
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Dream Morning Musume
members Fujimoto Miki and Ishikawa Rika recently took a picture together, celebrating their first ever "date".

"This was yesterday, but I got up the courage and called Rika-chan," wrote Fujimoto on her official blog. "We're the ones who seemed like our opinions clashed (lol). It's the first time we've hung out in private, but we went to eat together like mutual friends... I had a good time."

In the picture, the two women pose cutely for the camera with peace signs. Fujimoto and Ishikawa were well known for not getting along during their Morning Musume days, making the two-shot a sweet moment for old Momusu fans.

Fans commented, "Your two-shot with Rika is so cute," "Wow, this is the first time you've ever hung out with her?", and "Seems like you had fun, so I'm glad."

Source: Fujimoto Miki's Official Blog


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