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Inoue Mao wins Best Starring Actress at the '3rd Japan Theatre Staff Film Festival'

April 24, 2012 @ 7:53 pm
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On April 22nd, the award ceremony for the '3rd Japan Theatre Staff Film Festival' was held in Tokyo and actress Inoue Mao dazzled everyone in attendance with her gorgeous red dress.

The staff members that work behind the scenes are able to pick their favorite movies and favorite actors for the festival. Inoue won 'Best Starring Actress' for her outstanding performance in the movie "Youkame no Semi".

Inoue commented, "We didn't really have a meal together with the staff, but Koike Eiko and I often exchanged glances and gave each other courage. When we finished filming on Shodo Island, we went to an open air bath and were so immersed in memories that I started to feel dizzy."

Fellow actress Nagasawa Masami won 'Best Supporting Actress' for the role in "Moteki", but her schedule didn't allow her to attend the award ceremony. However, she wrote a short comment that was read out loud at the event. She wrote, "Can one role in a movie really promote you that much? It feels like heaven getting soaked into the world of movies."

The movie "Suteki na Kanashibari" won 'Best Picture', 'Best Supporting Actor', and 'Best Director'. Mitani Koki, commented, "Since this is coming from our movie colleagues, it's the most pleasant award you can receive. This doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy with a Japan Academy prize, though."

The whole list of winners:

Best Picture: "Suteki na Kanashibari"
Best Starring Actress: Inoue Mao ("Youkame no Semi")
Best Supporting Actor: Nishida Toshiyuki ("Suteki na Kanashibari")
Best Supporting Actress: Nagasawa Masami ("Moteki")
Best New Actor: Sometani Shota ("Himizu")
Best Director: Mitani Koki ("Suteki na Kanashibari")
Best Script: Mukai Kosuke ("My Back Page")
Best Score: Takebe Satoshi ("Kokuriko-zaka Kara")

Source: Cinema Today


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