Nakazawa Yuko gets married on April 1st

April 1, 2012 @ 1:15 pm
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On April 1st, former Morning Musume member Nakazawa Yuko (38) officially tied the knot with an IT-related company president (39).

After submitting the marriage papers at the ward office in Tokyo, Nakazawa announced the marriage through her agency.

Below is a translated message from Nakazawa:


"To everyone that has cared for me and supported me.
I, Nakazawa Yuko, would like to report that I registered my marriage on April 1st.
When I first met him, I felt, 'I'm going to end up with this person'.
And now that has happened, I'm very happy.
Our lives from here on, we will cooperate and support each other.
We want to build a warm family that we can smile and talk with.
Everyone, please continue to support me.


The wedding ceremony and reception are undecided at this time.


Source & Image: Oricon


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