Matsuda Seiko announces her third marriage

June 14, 2012 @ 1:58 pm
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On June 13th, singer Matsuda Seiko announced her third marriage through her official website .

Her new husband, a non-celebrity, is an associate professor at a University. She stated, "Today, on June 13th, we registered our marriage. I would like to announce this to my fans who have been supporting me [since the beginning]. I turned 50-years-old this year, and I will start a new life with my partner of about the same age. "

She concluded, "In future, I will do my best to sing a song that will stay in everyone's heart, so please keep supporting me. With a lot of appreciation. "

According to a source, she is not planning to hold a press conference. Mastuda married actor Kanda Masaki in 1985, and had a child, singer SAYAKA. The couple divorced in 1997. After a year, in 1998, she remarried to a dentist, but divorced in 2000.

Source : Daily Sports Online


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