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Yoshizawa Ryo holds handshake event for his 1st photo book

September 24, 2012 @ 6:34 pm
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On September 22nd, actor Yoshizawa Ryo held a handshake event to commemorate the release of his 1st photo book, 'Hajimari.'.

Yoshizawa played the role of 'Kamen Rider Meteor (Sakuta Ryusei)' in TV Asahi's 'Kamen Rider Fourze', which recently ended in August. "I graduated high school, and Fourze ended, so this is a turning point in my life. Since this is a new start, I titled it 'Hajimari.'," he explained.

The photos in 'Hajimari.' were shot over a 3-dayperiodin Yoshizawa's hometown in Tokyo. He shared, "While shooting by a river in my hometown, my older brother was having abarbecuewith 15 of his friends about 10 meters away. It was awkward."

Yoshizawa showed confidence in his photo book saying, "I like how it turned out. You're able to see my bare expressions that I don't show in other magazines. I give it 100 points!" He continued, "When my manager was done looking through the photo book, she told me, 'Ah! I want to confess my feelings!'. I was able to thrill her!"

Source & Image: TV Asahi


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